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25. 03. 09
Food - Consumer Protection 

Parliament votes for nanotech food moratorium and extended nanotech/GM labelling

Consumers must not be guinea pigs for new forms of food. We therefore welcome the European Parliament's vote for strict safety standards for nanomaterials. Today, foods containing nanomaterials have already been allowed onto the EU market without any controls or safeguards, even though the potential risks are yet to... ... more
24. 03. 09
Safety of cosmetic products 

A lift for cosmetics legislation as Greens secure nanomaterial safeguards

On the initiative of the Greens, revision of EU cosmetics legislation will provide for new, groundbreaking rules on nanomaterials, which are classified as being around one tenth of a micrometre (or less) in at least one dimension. No rules are currently in place for these tiny materials, despite health concerns and... ... more
13. 01. 09

Greens hail Euro-parliament vote to phase out hazardous pesticides

The decision to phase out highly hazardous pesticides sets a new milestone for environment and health protection. This regulation, the first of its kind in the world, will bring clear health benefits and improve both food and water quality in the European Union. ... more
05. 11. 08

Environment Committee supports better protection against dangerous pesticides

The European parliament environment committee has today supported higher standards for protection of human health and the environment. Its vote will lead to a more innovative and competitive European chemical industry in the field of pesticides. ... more
08. 07. 08
Flavourings and additives 

No ban on azo dyes but belated scrutiny for nano additives

I am very disappointed that the Greens/EFA call for a ban on azo-dyes did not find a majority in plenary. Research from Southampton University in the UK clearly concludes that azodyes in drinks can cause hyperactivity in children. The decision to opt for compulsory labelling is a poor compromise. If it is accepted... ... more
07. 05. 08

Commission shies away from important decisions on GMOs

The constant indecision and the shirking of responsibility within the European Commission are embarrassing. The Commission has failed to do their job regarding risk-management and this is shown by the delay to the decision to ban insect resistant bt-maize variants 1507 and bt11. The Commission decided to send back the... ... more
22. 04. 08
Organ Donation 

No commercialisation of organ donation!

It is long overdue that the European Union takes strong steps against organ trafficking. Any organ trafficking has to be stamped out - especially to end the exploitation of the poorest or people in emergencies. ... more
26. 03. 08

In vino veritas: the alarming truth about pesticides in wine

For the first time, 40 wines were tested for dangerous pesticides. The results are alarming, but also predictable given the intensive use of pesticides on grapes. All conventionally produced wines in the sample were contaminated and each of these bottles had an average of four different pesticides present. ... more
22. 10. 07
Pesticides legislation 

EP vote a milestone in consumer and environmental protection from toxic pesticides

Today's vote in the EP on pesticides legislation is an important milestone in consumer and environmental protection. MEPs were not convinced by the scaremongering tactics of the chemical industry and agricultural lobbies and voted instead to give greater protection from toxic pesticides. ... more
09. 10. 07
Environmental protection 

MEPs approve dirty deal on soil protection directive

The Environment Committee today voted to water down an already weak proposal from the European Commission to introduce EU legislation on soil protection. While the committee turned down an attempt by EPP members to reject the directive outright, the end result of today's vote would be a far cry from the legislation's... ... more
05. 09. 07
Health and alcohol 

EP waters down report on how to reduce alcohol-related harm

Given the extent and seriousness of alcohol-related harm in the EU, it is extremely disappointing that the EP has voted to water down its report on reducing alcohol-related harm by removing calls to harmonise EU health warnings on alcoholic drinks, in particular concerning pregnant women. This u-turn from the report... ... more
29. 03. 07
Toxic substances 

Highly toxic substances in medical devices to be labelled under new legislation

Toxic substances should have no place in medical devices, when safer alternative devices exist. Medical devices are in constant direct contact with the body and should not endanger the health of patients.One particular offender is the use of soft PVC in medical devices, which usually contain high concentrations of the... ... more
15. 03. 06
Resolution on forced prostitution 

Parliament underlines zero-tolerance of forced prostitution

The Parliament has today underlined that forced prostitution can, in no circumstances, be tolerated. Today's resolution calls on the EU Commission and the Member States to put forced prostitution and human trafficking high on the agenda. The expected increase in these despicable crimes in the context of the... ... more