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For many years I have tirelessly campaigned for more security in EU consumer protection, by better labelling, better and stricter controls, to ensure the consumers' right to decide. European consumers have the right to healthy food and transparency.
13. 01. 09
Information on the EU's new pesticide authorisation law 

Dossier Pesticides

On 13th January 2009 the European Parliament voted on the new pesticides legislation in second reading. Please find in this dossier all the relevant legal texts, my press releases as well as background information. ... more
07. 04. 08
Position paper by Hiltrud Breyer MEP 

The new way forward for pesticide authorisations: a win-win situation for all

On 23 October 2007 the European Parliament voted at first reading on the new way forward for pesticide authorisations in Europe, one of the most important environmental and consumer protection policy initiatives of this parliamentary term. The vote was a milestone not only for environmental protection and health in... ... more
25. 09. 07
Toxic and dangerous toys 

'Poacher turned gamekeeper' approach to toy safety must be ended

The EU must be able to guarantee that toys, of all products, are safe for its consumers: our children. While much of the current debate has focused on the need for stronger controls and meaningful labelling, the Greens believe that the fundamental approach to toy safety and standards, which dates back to 1988, needs... ... more
Article appeared in European Voice, July 2005 

Is the EU doing enough to protect intellectual property?

If you look at the issue of protecting intellectual property in Europe, there seems to be a clear cut case: granting patents to scientific and technological discoveries is thought to help securing investments and to have positive effects on competition and progress. However, the current picture in the EU is in fact... ... more
09. 04. 07
Article appeared in Parliament Magazine 

Pesticides - banning the silent killer

When it comes to pesticides, the idea of killing two birds with one stone literally holds true. Not only do pesticides kill unwanted organisms such as pests and weeds, they also cause massive problems for the environment and human health, for example contamination of ground water and the loss of biodiversity. ... more
24. 10. 07
Smoke-free Europe 

EP calls for strong EU and national action to protect people from passive smoking

Every year, more than 79,000 adults die as a result of passive smoking in the EU: the equivalent of a big plane crashing every day. It is high time that we protect non-smokers, who represent 70% of the population, against the fatal fumes from the smoking minority. ... more
12. 09. 07
EU pesticide legislation 

MEPs vote to give greater protection to consumers and environment from pesticides

Pesticides are toxic substances, manufactured with the intention of killing, yet they end up on our plates and, ultimately, in our bodies. Future legislation must ensure that pesticides that are dangerous for consumers and the environment are gradually taken off the market, a fact that was strongly made in my report,... ... more
06. 09. 07
Toxic and dangerous toys 

Dangerous chemicals must finally be banned in all toys

It is scandalous that these toys manufacturers have been selling dangerous or toxic toys for years but it is even more scandalous that they have been allowed to do so. Current EU legislation, which has not been changed since 1988, is based on a completely inappropriate approach. Under EU rules, even the most dangerous... ... more
Hiltrud Breyer's Written Questions 

Written Questions to the EU-Commission

You will find all my Written Questions to the EU-Commission and the EU-Commission's answers on the European Parliament's Website. Click here ... more