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I fight for the strict regulation of hazardous chemicals in the European Union, especially for a ban of CMR Substances, be it in clothes, pesticides or in toys.
26. 06. 14

shocking correlation between autism and the use of pesticides

A study conducted by researchers at the University of California, Davis has identified a shocking correlation between autism and the use of pesticides. ... more
16. 09. 08
Updated foreword for the Slowenian Brochure of "Women in a Toxic World" 

For a toxic free world

Hazardous chemicals are part of our life. Even when we try to live consciously and avoid them, we are daily exposed to them. Most of these substances can be found in everyday products, such as toys, cosmetics, PCs, clothes or furniture. These products are "terra incognita": of the 100.000 chemicals known in... ... more
29. 03. 07
Toxic substances 

Highly toxic substances in medical devices to be labelled under new legislation

Toxic substances should have no place in medical devices, when safer alternative devices exist. Medical devices are in constant direct contact with the body and should not endanger the health of patients.One particular offender is the use of soft PVC in medical devices, which usually contain high concentrations of the... ... more
Hiltrud Breyer's Written Questions 

Written Questions to the EU-Commission

You will find all my Written Questions to the EU-Commission and the EU-Commission's answers on the European Parliament's Website. Click here ... more