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The European Union has set milestones for the equality of women and men. Gender Discrimination requires an active commitment by the EU Commission and the Member States. Gender equality in employment is one of my top priorities, as well as striving to end the gender pay gap, which still is between 15- 30 percent. Europe must open its eyes to the human rights abuses of migrant women and girls, as well as gender-based violence and sexual violence in times of conflict and war.
27. 11. 08
Workshop at the Green Summer University, August 2008 

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Despite European legislation and numerous political commitments, gender inequalities in the workplace are a persistent problem in Europe. The gender pay gap remains an all time problem, with women on average earning 15% less than their male counterparts. In Germany this pay gap is even higher with 26%. ... more
Article appeared in Parliament Magazine September 2005 

Chlamydia: Breaking the silence on the „silent“ disease

Even though the infection with the bacteria chlamydia trachomatis is one of the most frequent sexually transmitted diseases in Europe most people are unaware of the disease and its harmful consequences, such as infertility in women. Big campaigns have been devoted to informing people of the seriousness of HIV/AIDS and... ... more
Article appeared in the Magazine of the European Greens 

Still setting milestones? Europe's gender equality policy must not come to a standstill

Women constitute half of the European population, but do they have their equal share in the economic, social and political area? Since its founding, the European Union has set milestones for the implementation of gender equality. Gender equality both as a value and as a goal is enshrined in various documents and legal... ... more
Article appeared in European Voice, 31.3.-6.4.2005 

What conditions should be placed on EU funding for embryonic stem cell research and why?

On March 10th, the European Parliament gave the European Commission a broad hint for its presentation of the 7th Research Framework Program. A resolution on egg cell trade adopted by the Parliament states: no EU funding for embryonic stem cell projects since this kind of research is forbidden in several member states.... ... more
Commentary for 

Egg cell trade endangers the European Union as a community of values

Over the last couple of months, media reports in the field of bioethics have been dominated by headlines about an egg cell trade between the UK and Romania, as well of the speeding up of cloning projects in South Korea. What do these two developments - and others - have in common? It is the important question of the... ... more
15. 03. 06
Resolution on forced prostitution 

Parliament underlines zero-tolerance of forced prostitution

The Parliament has today underlined that forced prostitution can, in no circumstances, be tolerated. Today's resolution calls on the EU Commission and the Member States to put forced prostitution and human trafficking high on the agenda. The expected increase in these despicable crimes in the context of the... ... more
Hiltrud Breyer's Written Questions 

Written Questions to the EU-Commission

You will find all my Written Questions to the EU-Commission and the EU-Commission's answers on the European Parliament's Website. Click here ... more