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I continue with my criticism of the EU's approach to genetic engineering. The majority of Europe's consumers do not want genetically modified organisms on their plate and in the environment. In the last years, I have been active for the labelling of genetically manipulated feed and food from the field to the plate. Due to my efforts, the obligation for coexistence measures gained majority in the EP. At present, the overdue improvements in risk assessment of the EU's Food Safety Authority EFSA are my main concern, as well as ensuring that the EU Commission does take its obligation as risk manager seriously.
22. 07. 14
The Greens' cookbook 

Taste the change

In this cookbook, Greens/EFA MEPs share local/personal recipes from throughout Europe: from south to north and from east to west.Eating local – even home-grown and organic – food that you cook... ... more
Article appeared in Parliament Magazine April 2007 

EFSA: only paying lip service to consumer safety?

Right into the preparations for the 5-year founding of EFSA, another consumer scandal hit the EU: for the first time, French scientists gave proof that the genetically-modified maize MON863 is in fact dangerous. In feeding studies, rats developed toxic poisonings as well as significant damage in liver and kidneys. ... more
07. 05. 08

Commission shies away from important decisions on GMOs

The constant indecision and the shirking of responsibility within the European Commission are embarrassing. The Commission has failed to do their job regarding risk-management and this is shown by the delay to the decision to ban insect resistant bt-maize variants 1507 and bt11. The Commission decided to send back the... ... more
Hiltrud Breyer's Written Questions 

Written Questions to the EU-Commission

You will find all my Written Questions to the EU-Commission and the EU-Commission's answers on the European Parliament's Website. Click here ... more