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Workshop at the Green Summer University, August 2008 

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Despite European legislation and numerous political commitments, gender inequalities in the workplace are a persistent problem in Europe. The gender pay gap remains an all time problem, with women on average earning 15% less than their male counterparts. In Germany this pay gap is even higher with 26%.

While this pay gap affects women in all spheres of the workplace, there is also a persistent gap of women in economic decision-making. Lately there have been some promising developments to counter this imbalance such as the Norwegian quota law.
The workshop was moderated by Hiltrud Breyer MEP and compared strategies of the EU and member states to achieve equality in the workplace and decision-making and assessed the success of these.

Background information on the EU Gender Pay Gap 

Presentation by Cécile Greboval, European Women's Lobby EWL

Presentation by Astrid Rothe-Beinlich, Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen