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Toxic and dangerous toys 

Dangerous chemicals must finally be banned in all toys

The latest major recall of toys as a result of toxic components this year has been underway since the beginning of August. The toy manufacturer Mattel alone has recalled more than 20 million toys due to the presence of lead paint or choking hazards. Mattel has been followed by various other manufacturers, with further recalls occurring almost daily. Commenting on this wave of recalls, German Green MEP Hiltrud Breyer, said:

It is scandalous that these toys manufacturers have been selling dangerous or toxic toys for years but it is even more scandalous that they have been allowed to do so. Current EU legislation, which has not been changed since 1988, is based on a completely inappropriate approach. Under EU rules, even the most dangerous chemicals are tolerated in toys, as long as the exposure stays below a certain level. We should not play with our children's health: chemicals that cause cancer, damage to the genes or that are toxic to reproduction have no place in toys. A straightforward ban should be introduced without delay. In addition, the safety standards are determined by the toys industry itself through the process of 'standardisation'. It is clearly incoherent to put those with a vested interest in charge of safety.