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Information on the EU's new pesticide authorisation law 

Dossier Pesticides

On 13th January 2009 the European Parliament voted on the new pesticides legislation in second reading. Please find in this dossier all the relevant legal texts, my press releases as well as background information.

On 13th January 2009 the European Parliament voted in second reading on the new EU pesticides legislation. The decision to phase out hazardous pesticides sets a new milestone for environment and consumer protection.

Would you like to read more about my activities as the rapporteur of the EP's Environment Committee on this dossier? Below you will find links to the relevant legal texts, my press releases, position paper and parliamentary questions to the European Commission.


Legal texts

Proposal for placing on the market of plant protection products, European Commission, July 2006

Legislative Resolution of the European Parliament, 1st reading, October 2007

Common Position of the EU Agricultural Ministers, August 2008

Draft Recommendation for Second Reading, Rapporteur Hiltrud Breyer, September 2008

Amendments to the Draft Recommendation, October 2008


Press Releases

Greens hail Euro-Parliament vote to phase out hazardous pesticides

Environment Committee supports better protection against dangerous pesticides

EP Vote a Milestone in Consumer Protection and from Dangerous Pesticides

The alarming truth about pesticides in wine



Pesticides - banning the silent killer, Parliament Magazine, 2007 


Background Information

Updated position paper on the new EU Pesticides Legislation, January 2009

Facts and fiction about pesticide figures, November 2008

Position Paper on the new EU Pesticides Legislation, April 2008

Study commissioned for the EP's Environment Committee on the benefits of strict cut-off criteria for human health, September 2008

Article on Developmental Neurotoxicity of industrial chemicals, by Professor Philippe Grandjean, 2006

Information on the Workshop "Pesticide use reduction for better health",March 2007


Debates in the European Parliament

Statistics on Plant Protection Products

Report on Placing on the Market of Pesticides