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Curriculum Vitae 

Hiltrud Breyer - for you in the European Parliament

born in Saarbrucken in the year of the foundation of the European Community.
Studies and professional experiences
  • Diploma-Degree in Political Science
  • After working in a kindergarten Abitur at the night school
  • Study of Political Science in Saarbrucken and Berlin
  • Research activities in technology policy and innovation policy

Activities in the European Parliament

Member of the European Parliament for the German Greens from 1989 till 2009

  • Member of the Women's Rights and Gender Equality Committee
  • Substitute Member of the Legal Affairs Committee
  • Member of the Interparliamentary Delegation for the relations with Japan
  • Founder and chairman of the Bioethic-Intergroup in the European Parliament
  • Vice-chairman of the Health and Consumer Protection Intergroup in the European Parliament
  • Member of the animal welfare Intergroup in the European Parliament
  • Member of Members against Cancer, an informal group of Members of the European Parliament to communicate the fight against cancer in politics
  • Rapporteur of the European Parliament inter alias for the:
    o Report on Biotechnology and Employment
    o Report on limit values for benzene and carbon monoxide in ambient air
    o Report on establishing the list of priority substances in the field of water policy
    o Report on foods and food ingredients authorised for treatment with ionising radiation in the Community
    o Report on the proposal for a Council decision empowering the Commission to issue Euratom loans for the purpose of contributing to the financing of nuclear power stations
    o Report on perspectives of women in international trade
    o Report on the problems of bringing pesticides into environment

since November 2013 Member of the European Parliament for the German Greens

  • Substitute Member of Committee for Foreign Affairs

Activities for the civil society

  • Board of Spokesperson of the "Grüne Liga Berlin"
  • further former activities, e.g.: Founder member of the "Gen-ethisches Netzwerk" (Gen-ethics Network), Speaker of the action group against the militarisation of the Airport Saarbrucken-Ensheim, Former Member of the "Anti-AKW-Bewegung Cattenom" (Movement against the nuclear power plant Cattenom), District councillor in the Mandelbachtal at the end of the 1980's, at the beginning of the 1980's Speaker of the board of the Greens-Saarland, 1979 founder member of the Greens-Saarland, at the beginning of the 1970's member of the cross-border movement on environment and civil issues Saar-Lor-Lux.


• Bundesverdienstkreuz (decoration of the Federal Republic of Germany) for her contributions to environment protection and consumer's rights
• Prizewinner of the "Goldene Ente" (golden duck) of the "Landespresse Saarland" (Press-Organisation Saarland) for good public relations